the eye of the beholder

We as grown humans see the bad, the good and the ugly. We have fears and have worries. We get anxious, scared and hurt. We have grown into these things. We didn’t come into this world scared of spiders and snakes; and with the fear of heights. We succumbed to these fears through experiences and influences [ good or bad ]. We all have fears, sometimes we aren’t as tough as we are sought out to be. Some people are way more fearless than others. Me? I am TERRIFIED [ I am the definition of irrational fears; please laugh away ] of butterflies, clowns and mascots. [ like run away scared of these things ] … Then I had kids. Every fear I had was magnified by 100 and fears I never knew I had I sure as hell found out quickly I did have. [ If you are a mother, you know the feeling. ] You want to put your kid in a bubble and never let them leave your sight; your fears are their fears, right? Yeah, no. Not the case. These fragile little humans have no fear, no worries and they don’t know sadness and pain like we do [ sadness for a child can equal getting the Paw Patrol plate for your supper when you wanted Spider Man and pain isn’t emotional, it’s a knee scrape ]. They really make you take a step back and see a different perspective, a perspective that hasn’t experienced all these [ mostly ] illogical fears you have let consume you.

a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.

We all have a perspective. But a perspective from a kid just makes you re think your own life theory. Those fresh little minds, no fears, no worries and no filters. They say what they feel, think and whatever they damn well please. I am not no expert but spending roughly 1461 days with one child, and within that 1461 days; approximately 913.5 days with TWO children combined. Seeing a world through my children’s eyes has been the most eye opening for me! And it makes you sit and wonder, what is it like to see the world from a kid’s perspective?
Those mundane and exhausting things that us moms do with their children are most likely be the little things that make their lives magical. Moms battling with all the struggles and chaos, will always remain the greatest people in their children’s eyes. After all we are our biggest critics. Grocery store tantrums, failed naps, among other things parents go through on a standard day are examples that are not to portray parents as failures but as devoted and loving teachers, who despite all odds, make their children’s life to be the greatest potential. Even if we are a mess doing it. Through a mother’s eyes or through her child’s eyes. Sometimes perception isn’t necessarily reality.
When you look back and you see all those years through still frames [ pictures; I can guarantee you parents have a box of pictures, among albums. Take a gander of them. I bet you wish you were that cute and innocent again ] , you reminisce those memories; featuring some knee scrapes and muddy clothes. Kids are captivated by everything because it all new to them. They are not jaded by what the world has to offer, like us ‘adults’. A child rarely feels the drag we ‘adults’ feel to get out of bed everyday. Every day is brand new to them, so the whole shebang seems exciting and full of options. Sure, they can be miserable, but as soon as they find something they like their day is made. Adventure is out there.

A child is interested in learning as much as they can. They challenge you to answering the most ‘WHY?’ questions ever. They want and need to know EVERYTHING, every bit of information they can get from you, they want to know it. Kids, never usually take no for an answer because they know if they dig into asking questions, they will find satisfying answer to their initial question. A child’s brain is like a sponge, all the information seems to blow over their head until they want to argue then you might as well give up because they are feeding off your information and using it against you. [ I’ve apologized to my parents many times for arguments I am sure I started 21 years ago, karma is a bitch, mine is in the form of my very own 4 year old toddler. ]
Children don’t automatically think the worst when presented with a new situation, like we might be if we hear that someone wants to talk to us. So many experiences are new to children, they usually have a positive attitude towards things. They are eager beavers to try something new, especially if it is presented as an adventure.
Let’s be honest; the greatest part of being a kid is that they really DON’T care about what other people think. Getting dressed in rainbow polka dots on your shirt and neon striped pants because that is what you want to wear and showing it off in public, just so proud you dressed yourself. [ backwards shirt, inside out pants; a Lennox type style but he goes with it ] There is no such thing as a ‘stupid question’ especially when you are a child, what else do you know? Imagine how free you would feel if you didn’t care what people thought about you? [ its in the back of everyone’s mind what someone is thinking. ] Not to the extent of letting yourself go, but just enough so that you do things you want to do without worrying what others think. Realistically you will never know what the people thought about you passing by, when will you see them again? Maybe they dig polka dots and stripes.
Be the kid with the polka dots and stripes, the world needs it. Its all about perspective.IMG_1503

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