snakes, snails & puppy dog tails

I have written about my life with my little mini humans. But I haven’t spent the time to share them specifically and individually. My kids have made me see a totally diverse world. I would not be where I am now, if it wasn’t for them in my life. Lachlan wasn’t exactly planned, but it was worth every doubt at that time. There is something to say that when a human smaller than my arm, can impact lives of not just their own parents but the world around them. Kids move mountains, hills and trees. They are amazing little encouraging beings, and they really don’t even know it.

“… and she loved a little boy very, very much – even more than she loved herself.

– Shel Silverstein

September 2012, a positive pregnancy test [ unexpected and unplanned ], the day that changed my life forever. As much as you’d think you are ready for this very moment, trust me, you aren’t. My heart stopped. [ was this real?! Yup, it was very real, three pregnancy tests confirmed that one. ] Pregnancy is an experience and a half, and it ain’t for the faint heart. For what seemed like the slowest nine months of my life to meet my first-born BOY, was over so quickly. [ but I was so over being the size of a whale. SO HUGE, I was 178lbs and 5’2. Yikes ] After a grueling 26 hours of labor into an emergency caesarean section, there he was; a healthy 8lb 15oz baby boy, it was so surreal. I was holding the most precious jewel in all my life. Nothing else mattered in that moment, my world was in my arms. And I could give him everything he needed with my very own body [ breastfed for 9 months ]. I was so discouraged from not having the birth I wished and planned for up until that point, but seeing my baby boy for the first time, made me forget about the harsh birthing experience. HE WAS SO WORTH IT. I had anticipated for this day FOREVER, the first day of the rest of my dream life. [ SHOUT OUT to the best birthing partner ever too, my now husband ]


Lachlan Jeremiah; FOUR years [ 4 years, 3 months, and 7 days ] have passed since that treasured day in my life and man oh man does this kid have a personality. He has grown like a weed, he has become the most charismatic little [ big ] boy I know. He is so smart and so wise for his young age, so cliché for a mom to say I know but if you have been near this boy of mine, you’d know what I am talking about. AND HE IS ALL MINE. He impacts a room full of people no matter where he is, every single person. He cracks jokes, he has the craziest little boy stories and is a show stopper, a little show off. After all, he is the fastest kid alive. He will argue absolutely everything and anything he possibly can, at times I feel like I should walk away but I usually don’t, keeps things interesting in the house. Most times I feel like when I argue with him, usually about little kid nonsense, its what people feel like arguing with me [ the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree ]. His points are so valid. I am so proud of him, I can’t say it enough. Lachlan is a super emotional human being, he plays his life from his emotions. He has learned everything so quickly. He constantly asks questions so he can satisfy what he wanted to know to begin with. He is a defined leader.

He has the determination to learn ALWAYS. He is a go getter, he is always on the move. He is so active. A try hard like his father, and a very sore loser. [ entertainment for us, for sure ] He always has to fight and ‘kill’ everything in every game, and if he doesn’t come in first or beat you in anything and everything, GAME OVER. Lachlan doesn’t let you live anything down. He has such a great memory, doesn’t forget a thing. When you first meet him, he is super shy and hides, typical toddler with strangers but bring up one of his interests and his attention is all yours. He is a little nerd, loves books and video games. But he loves the outdoor just as much if not more. His father is his number one hero, he looks up to his dad for everything.

When Lachlan was 18 months old he became a big brother. He wasn’t a fan by any means, he avoided the subject [ physically and mentally ] until Lennox was about 9 months old, Lachlan didn’t want anything to do with Lennox. Now? These two are inseparable. Their personalities shine, they are two peas in a pod. Exactly everything I wanted in my kids, partners in crime.

And that brings us to my baby boy Lennox Andrew; I found out I was pregnant with Lennox when Lachlan was only 9 months old. Lachlan was born June 2013 and Lennox was born December 2014. [ oops ] It was a totally different pregnancy experience than with Lachlan, somewhat planned, somewhat not. [ definitely a little bit more prepared ] When you have your first child, especially a boy, you always want that picture perfect family and have a girl next. I had wished for a girl when I got pregnant, now… NOT A CHANCE. [ my teen aged sister scarred me from that ] My two boys are PERFECT. Little boys are perfect.


TWO years [ 2 years, 8 months, 23 days ] since my BABY was born. WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE! My pregnancy with Lennox was a dream, and it flew by even quicker, as I had Lachlan to chase everyday. Because of all the complications with birth and delivery we had with Lachlan I had a scheduled caesarean with Lennox, a week before Christmas. December 18, we woke up and went to the hospital and in two hours he was in my arms. He was just as big and healthy as ever, the doctors had placed bets when they delivered Lennox, guessing his weight. He was 8lbs 13oz, and so amazing. Pregnancy and birth were over so quickly, home life was hectic, an 18-month-old toddler and a NEWBORN baby, during the holiday season. [ Lachlan was potty training and Lennox breastfeeding ]. Having kids is the most rewarding experience and it blows my mind to this day what my body could do for my babies. Being a mother of two boys was how I was meant to be. [ Its also a Ripper curse; two boys ONLY for 3 generations ]

Lennox is my little shrimp, he is my baby. He is a lot more timid and independent, but if I had a kangaroo pocket, that is where Lennox would be. Lachlan is stalky and a brute and Lennox is a scrawny, lanky little boy. Both are so sensitive. Lennox is a compacted, attitude filled mama’s boy. He does everything at his own pace. He is a little clown, he does everything in his power to make his brother laugh. His personality is BOOMING. His bright blue eyes speak wonders. He gets EVERYTHING he wants from everyone by a blink of his eyes. He didn’t start talking until about 18 months, so he spoke through his facial expressions and just the knowing of everyone around him, everyone knew what he wanted. But when he did start talking and making sense, the kid melts your heart, he is just so sweet. Lennox follows his big brother where ever he goes. Lachlan is Lennox’s idol, if Lachlan says something; Lennox is his little parrot and repeats everything he says, if Lachlan does something; Lennox is busting his butt right behind him trying the same thing. I feel like I barely had to parent Lennox, because he just followed everything his big brother did and before I knew it, he could count to five at 14 months, he sung ‘Twinkle, Twinkle’ flawlessly at 18 months old and he was fully potty trained by 2 years old. They are never apart, they are best friends. They fight, scream, yell and hurt each other but within 5 minutes, they are back to doing what they were doing forgetting about the fight. I love their love; its truly a bond for life. Lennox is a nature freak, he absolutely loves everything about nature, rocks, bugs, water, mud, you name it. The kid is a tiny explorer. [ we moved to the right place for him! ] He goes at his own speed, and unfortunately for us, he is the slowest kid alive. He doesn’t care for much, and when he does he can’t get enough of it. We say he is the kid that doesn’t care about anything, you say bye to Lennox and he will wave bye without even looking at you. [ see ya never! ]When you want a kiss from him, you never will get it. He will make sure of it, but when he wants to give you a hug or a kiss, you cant say no.

Lennox is my foody; he LOVES food, the kid eats like a fifteen-year-old, and sleep!, sleep is his life! [ I can put him to bed at 9pm-11pm, and he will wake up at 10am-11am EVERY TIME ] There isn’t much yet in his little life that I have found that he won’t eat. I can’t really talk about Lennox without Lachlan, it was a parenting win having Lachlan around. If Lachlan is learning, he relays it all to Lennox, and that is how Lennox basically has learned everything he knows. Lennox is a follower. But he is a very vocal little boy when it comes to things he wants. [ he screams like a little girl, and it is incredibly ear drum breaking ]. I am so proud of this little boy, my little man.


My kids saved me, every part of me. They are the definition of my WHOLE world. Everything I do is for my kids. I can’t imagine my life without either of my children. I have struggled and felt defeated but without those hardships, I wouldn’t be the mother and person I am today to my children. They have made me become a better person in life. They make me see things a different way than I would ever have seen them without them here. I have learned patience, and strength through silence. I love these two mini humans more than I could ever love anything else in this world. Life makes sense with these two. They gave me purpose.

‘as long as i am living my baby you’ll be’


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