fake it, until you make it #selfielove

“I support self-love wholeheartedly. You want to post that photo of you looking so fiiiine, do it. You want to walk around stores and check yourself out in the mirror or the glass windows, go right ahead and do it. You want to treat yourself with good food, every damn day, go ahead and do it. You want to wear makeup or you don’t want to wear makeup, its up to you. DO what you want. As long as it makes you happy. You deserve to spoil yourself. You should never be ashamed of how you look. Go out there and claim your body. This is your life anyway. Why waste your pretty mind on thoughtless critiques?

Some people, whilst in their obsession to criticize others, they forget to look in the mirror too and see their own flaws. I mean, hey, why are you in such a rush to put down other people when you can instead join in that happy buzz/ Love yourself and let others loves themselves in peace too.”

– A little reminder that you are perfect as you are // love yourself as hard as you can. There’s only one of you.

In the society we live in, humanity is always judging or comparing the human body [ our own human body ] with others. If we aren’t judging someone, we are wishing we could be like that ONE person. [because we don’t like the way you look, or what they did caught your eye and you want to catch someone else’s eye ]. You can try to change the way you walk, the way you talk, how you apply your makeup or even your fashion style. [ I hate shopping, its exasperating; things that look good in picture DO NOT look like that on me, it is misleading or I just suck at choosing style; probably the second option ]. As a twelve to sixteen-year-old teenager, I HATED MY BODY. [ I always said that I looked like a hobbit ] I absolutely hated the way I looked. I felt at points in my life like there was something wrong with me, I mean who doesn’t want to be the women you see in the magazines; thin and flawless. Not even just the women you see in magazines, women I would see walking past me in the mall, in my classes. I wasn’t any of those people. [ and I came to the realization I never was going to be, welcome to the dramatic teenage girl years of my life ]


After suffering from looking at myself for having a poor body image throughout my teen years, as an adult I learned that maybe I could possibly [ maybe a just little ] love my body for the first time in my life. [ I have to give a lot of credit to pregnancy and seeing what my body is capable of ]. At times I still struggle with my image, its all about the mentality. But I am beginning to truly accept my body and not feel like I need to change it because of someone else’s opinion. I have changed my mind to listen to that hidden voice in the back of my head to absorb and accept [ SELF LOVE ] and I basically have tried not to look back. Maybe I have a couple times, but I have also tried to better myself otherwise.

How would a person do this? To find yourself in the midst of the battle? In actuality, you will struggle, but it gets easier and easier as you learn. Learn to love yourself and find your own style and your own ways; enjoy those ways. [ Be YOU-nique ]. It takes some time, but if you put your mind to it, and work on it, you will get there. Think of it this way; when you see yourself in the mirror, what do you say to yourself? Do you make comments on your appearance? Do you see your stretch marks and wish you could get rid of them? You wish you could afford laser surgery for [ NOT all those ‘affordable’ gimmick home based companies your Facebook has blown up with ]. Or your “muffin top” that you dream of getting rid of with another extensive surgery or some crazy exhausting diet, workout scheme. Society makes us think that any “imperfection” we may have is something that we need to fix. Our “imperfections” are NOT something we need to be ashamed of. You don’t need a quick fix for your ‘wrinkles’ or the unwanted bags under your eyes; you have lived little, so what? You are tired, but you don’t have all day to sleep. YOU are BEAUTIFUL, everyone is beautiful in their own way. Some people don’t see you as you see yourself. In any sense, someone might not look ‘good’ to you, but to them that day, they felt great and looked great for themselves. [ try it, look good for you and not for someone else ] We are all quick to judge [ we are all guilty of it ]. We are quick to draw a judging card on someone else as well as ourselves. We are our worst critics.

There are so many messages around us that we are subjected to daily. In commercials, magazines at the grocery store, ads on social media, etc.  [ thanks society, I appreciate it *insert eye roll* ], there are messages everywhere showing us what we could and should look like but its all for us to decide if you will let those things attack you or if it will make you look at yourself and accept who you are as a person; looks and all. To not to let those mind crushing ideas that our society is pounding into our mind, bother you, is a step toward the victory of the battle. There will be always something you can fix with money, plastic surgery, Botox; you name it but that will bite you in the ass in 20 some odd years, instead take the high route and learn to just LOVE YOURSELF. You don’t need to let yourself go, but take responsibility for your own well being. Do what makes you happy, what makes you feel good, each day. We can choose to believe those treacherous messages; that we need to be ‘fixed’. OR we can stand up and say that we are already beautiful. We don’t have to change our appearance to suit anyone’s idea of what beauty is. Be yourself, not a copy. Be the best version of yourself.


Start changing your inner voice, we have to decide that we are beautiful and that we will no longer will put ourselves down. [ I bet you didn’t put that dress on because you thought it was ugly ]. When you look at yourself in the mirror, give yourself a compliment. Every time you feel a negative thought creep in; shut it down and replace it with a positive spark; find something to counter balance the negative. Don’t let what other people think depict your life, they don’t matter, they shouldn’t matter. [ I have to tell myself this daily, everyday ] If your stretch marks are bothering you, instead of thinking negatively about them, turn it into a positive and think about how it was a sign that your stomach stretched to grow your children. [ You earned those stripes, every one of them. ] It truly is a “fake it till you make it” and although it takes time, you can do it. There is no shame with deciding to lose weight but treat your body right. Do it for yourself, better yourself. Don’t body shame yourself while dieting. Encourage yourself and be active. Being healthy mentally is just as important as being healthy on the outside, I now understood why I decided to shift my focus on hating my body to accepting it and loving it. Do it for you. Sure, it takes less energy and efforts to tell yourself the negative and believe the negative and pick myself apart for it. Being positive [ for self love ] in this world sometimes seems like the impossible. Fight the impossible. Do it for yourself. You will thank yourself in due time. Love yourself.

In the end, no matter what you do, someone, somewhere is judging you. Some one is watching all those pictures you put up, and judging you. Sometimes its admiration and other [ and sadly most ] times it is the damaging critiques we see EVERYWHERE. For some, all those pictures are what we are sharing with the world because we see the beauty in ourselves, even if it is just for one picture. We take those pictures because we think we look good, and we feel good. LOOK GOOD, and BE PROUD. There are eyes everywhere always watching and judging. We aren’t narcissists because we take pictures of ourselves; we are millennials and take ‘selfies’. 😉





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