be the person your dog thinks you are





  • a domesticated carnivorous mammal that typically has a long snout, an acute sense of smell, and a barking, howling, or whining voice. It is widely kept as a pet or for work or field sports,

Humans don’t deserve these domesticated carnivorous mammals [ thanks dictionary, what a great description ]; dogs, what I am trying to say is, humans don’t deserve dogs [ and even then some humans just don’t deserve anything; I know a couple of these people, and it makes my blood boil ]. I’m going to make a bet right now and I will argue it, that you haven’t met more than one person who doesn’t like dogs. If you have, then you need to get some new friends. [ plain and simple! ] Either way, prepare to be fully enlightened why most of us adore dogs so much and why they are probably the best creatures to ever grace this planet. They are patient and humble, even when they’ve been wronged. [ I have had cats from the moment I was brought home from the hospital, still have the cranky beasts; but I have added canines to the mix; and what wonders they have changed in my world. ] When I say humans don’t deserve dogs, I mean it in the sense that dogs are often taken advantage of even when we mean well; they never cease to amaze, it is just their nature. Dogs are the most loyal companions to their people; shit disturbers a lot of the time; even the best trained but so worth it.

It has been said that dogs are just a part of our busy lives but we are their whole entire life. If this doesn’t make you tear up a bit, you’ll never understand.

It is often said that out of the five senses a dog acquires, including its distinctive ability to pick up on hundreds of scents [ like the steak barbecue someone is having three streets down the road, but his nose in in the air smelling the delicious meat ], a dog might even have the most wondrous sixth sense; the amazing way dogs seem to read people. Some how these astonishing four legged creatures have the power and ability to change atmosphere they are within, without even communicating with us in our native language; their presence and their power to read human emotions comes naturally to them. You come home from a long day of school or work and basically crawl on over to the couch in exhaustion, who is the first to greet you, and doesn’t question your mood? Who comes up next to you and lays their head on your chest when you are sick? [ other than your needy toddler ] Who barks and growls [ behind closed doors to warn you ] to keep strangers away and your family [ especially kids ] protected when he feels threatened or can sense your uncertainty? Dogs can sense feelings, problems, and intentions better than most humans. They react to you and your emotions [ if you are stressed, they will most likely be edgy, if you’re upset, they will likely be low key for that time being ]. They are extremely intuitive animals, and they have a greater capability to love, cherish, and protect more than we can imagine. For the most part you don’t ever want to know what your canine is capable of, but when they show those signs it makes you as a human being feel safe and protected within their presence; you are their human and nothing will step in between that bond.


Dogs may hold the unseen answers to this questionable and unpredictable game we participate in called life. There are many reasons why dogs are such unique and special animals, and there are several things that set them apart from all other four-legged creatures. One of the nonchalant things about having a dog is that you can always count on them to be there for your rant sessions. When you speak to your dog, he might cock his head to the side a little, raise his ears [ cutest picture opportunity ], or put his paw on you somehow as if he is trying to understand your protests. Dogs might not understand our petty problems, but they care enough to just sit there and look at you with reassuring eyes, they won’t move until you do. Usually if you were to ask a person what matters most to them in their life, most of them would probably end up say their family and friends. Dogs are the same way; they are at the heart of most families, and would do anything to protect those that they love within their connected bunch. Many house dogs that sneak out the back gate eventually come home; rule of thumb [ my father in-laws thumb ], if they get out and come back, they are yours. Some dogs become so well trained that their owners don’t even need to put them on a leash during morning walks and hikes; trust. When you’re home alone, your dog might even sleep by your bed to ensure you feel safe. My puppy, Kylo Ren always rests on his couch by the front bay window of my house to keep an eye on everything; any action alerts him awake automatically; and he assesses everything.

[ To all the cruel and revolting people out there who abuse animals in any way, I hope you rot, you don’t deserve to even breathe; let alone deserve animals [ end of rant; no excuses ].

Whether you’ve had a bad day or you’ve become sick in any way, dogs have the peculiar ability to make you feel better with their downright cuteness; the way they sleep, they way they just mind their own business and look cute doing it. Even the unique [ special ] looking dogs are adorable in their own little way; there is just something about them and their kookiness. All dogs give us everlasting hope and with each kiss it is almost like a calm reminder that everything will be okay and sometimes that is all we need; a little perpetual reminder. Dogs are some of the most selfless creatures; no matter what is brought forth. They have a constant determination to protect and help others [ of all kinds, shapes and forms ]; and it makes them dedicated and loyal, more than a human being ever could be. They are our little heroes that help make the world much brighter. It’s the small things in a dog’s life, that makes their life valuable. Whether it’s a short car ride with the windows down; ears flopping, a walk in the park; proudly beside you, or a little spoonful of peanut butter, dogs simply remind us that the effortless things in life should never be taken for granted.


Those times you forgot to feed your dog before you left for work because you woke up late or the time you left him outside all day by accident [ we are all humans, we occasionally can forget; it happens ]. Dogs won’t hold these minor mistakes against us, they trust what we are doing, in fact; they probably will find something else to do in the meantime and excitedly greet you when they see you next, no grudges [ no harm, no foul ]. Sometimes we get so caught up in our life; priorities with school work, work, or around the home, we forget to give ourselves a few minutes to just “play” with our furry companion. No matter how old dogs get, they never lose sight of a little adventure. I mean seriously, they will lick just about any foot that is in front of them, no matter the size, color, shape or smell. Do I need I to speak of this more?

Dogs might not realize that unconditional love is a commitment to an imperfect person [ picking away at themselves daily ], but their unknown ability to do it anyway is significant to their human’s life. And when their time is up, the one thing that will forever be remembered is the love they left behind.


[ 11 years young Tazzy boy, rest easy big guy ♥ ]



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