merci buckets ; [ merci beaucoup ]

thankyou3To everyone who has tagged along with me on this little journey; thank you, thank you, thank you! 12 posts and counting [ who’s counting! ]

It’s been such a crazy little escapade I have brought myself to; it has been a bit more challenging than I thought it would be but worth it [ definitely ]. Making this commitment to express myself to you with something that I really love; my writing, without having to hide behind my physical emotions [ unless you are sitting beside me when I write, I tend to hide a lot, except when I write, because then no one is watching me; in real life of course ]. This has been one of the greatest decisions [ mentally, for myself ] that I have made in a while; putting my hardships, characteristics and existence in writing to the public eye. I have tried my best to construct subjects that are [ even in a very small way ] useful to different people. This has all forced me to keep experimenting and learning about everything that goes along with blogging. I have learned so much within the writing world in a month[ nothing professional, just keys notes ]. Ideas pop into my head and they don’t always work out, words that I thought meant one thing; actually mean something else, punctuation, grammar, etc. [ GUYS!; I have used a dictionary and thesaurus more than once, and it was useful! ] I hope it shows and pays off, and that my blogs are enjoyed by you!

But more than anything I have loved the open connections I have made as a result of this little blog. The feedback, likes and followers have been totally unexpected, I truly appreciate it ALL! A lot of people have reached out to me. In a lot more ways than one, my blog has shown people a different side of me than what people know and see already. My blog is the raw and vulnerable version of myself. I don’t hold back, and I wouldn’t ever. I am scared of the judgement, for sure; but essentially it is my drive. [ all of you lovely people have been so amazing overall ]. Like I have said more than once, and I quote myself “ I am a wife, mother and not a ‘professional’ blogger. I enjoy expressing myself through writing.” I’ve got nothing but my laptop, a grade 12 education and a lot of motivation to continue this. [ in my everyday life I get over things quickly, but this is finally something that has kept my interest; yay for my little goldfish brain ]. I have done all this for myself sharing my life and experiences; none of it is for popularity or profit; it is all on my own time and because I want to do it. Inspiration is out there!


So basically in closing, thank you for the great support, I’ll be sticking around with my nonsense for a little while longer; catch ya soon. Much love.

#shortestoneyet #shortandsweet

♥♥ Sadie


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