break her heart and i’ll break your face


Being the older sister is a very important position in your little sister’s life, besides her mother. You make sure that you are living your life in a way so that she can follow in your footsteps, because after all, you are her biggest role model. She is someone you can always count on to cheer you up when you are down and she’s the person that will help you be a better “big” sister. Having little sisters means you have a lifetime best friend. There are times where your little sisters can annoy you above everything else, but a little sister is that person who will do anything and EVERYTHING with you when you allow it; like those times you thought you were a photographer, a makeup artist, and a world-famous chef. Little sisters have witnessed anything and everything that you do when not in public, even when they don’t need to experience them. They have watched you cry, they know your weird habits, they have heard how LOUD you are or how you talk in your sleep, and the most awkward of all; they have probably seen you naked. She knows exactly what things you like and don’t like, rather that be gifts or television shows. She has been through every celebrity crush and obsession you have had. She has been with you through and through; if you are about to get in a frightening mood, then she knows to stay as far away as possible. [ guilty ] Being a province and a half away can be really tough when you have to be away from your best friend. Although not having her constantly annoying you can be relaxing, there is always that feeling of secretly missing all the singing she does [but I do have blackmail! Beyoncé watch out! ], the hourly interruptions when having alone time, and taking all of your clothes. [ even though that might be reversed now ] But when you’re away from her, you can’t wait to take it all in again [ come visit, its needed for our health and my kids miss their Uncle Bryn ] From the moment she was born, you wonder what she will be like as she grows older. You wonder how she will be in school, what path her life will go on, and how much she will look like you. You have been with your little sister throughout much of your life and it is upsetting to know that they won’t be little forever. [ I am still not over this part of this all in my life ] You witness them loosing their first tooth, their first day of high school, their heartbreaks, and so much more. Soon, your “little” sisters won’t be so “little” anymore. Watching my little sister grow up is an emotional experience, but is one that is wonderful because of the young woman she has become.


[ Here’s to you ]

To my Little Sister;

Although I may seem like I’m gone, too busy, or that I’m not paying attention to you, I promise you 100 percent that I do care and that I do see your every move. That is why this letter is to you. I wanted to say thank you. Not for anything in particular; just for being my younger sister. Thank you for loving me regardless of all the mistakes I have made in the past, big or small. You stuck around no matter how little or how big the mistakes were. You still supported me and that means a lot. Thank you for listening to my bossiness as a child and still somehow ended up wanting to play with me every single day. [ I did everything I could, to teach you the ropes of life at an early age! ] Thank you for being my cheerleader in everything I decided to do; even my mistakes and failures. Thank you for taking all the anger I take out on you by accident. I know the yelling and arguments are a lot, but you took them from me anyway, and we always made up in the end. Thank you for making stupid decisions with me and taking just as much of the blame as I did. You stood by my side no matter what. Thank you for the countless laughs day in and day out, even when we are miles away. I can always count on a FaceTime call or text from you to make me laugh.


Mom and Dad always told me since the day you were born that you were going to look up to me and I never fully believed them, but it was in the back of my head and it made me become the person who I am today. Being your role model is something I will always cherish. Thank you for being one of my favorite people on this planet; even when I hate you for nothing. Thank you for being my partner in crime, my best friend, and my better half even from a distance. You’ve looked at outfit after outfit to help me find the right one; you’ve spent lazy days on the couch watching horrible movies with me. Thank you for being honest with me even when I don’t want to hear it; thank you for being the bigger person and being nice to people I don’t like. You march to the beat of your own drum without caring what anyone thinks of you, and that’s something I’ve always admired about you, more than I have ever spoke of. When you get knocked down, you don’t let it keep you down and come back swinging. You are very hard-headed and strong-willed and we all love you for it. Thank you for supporting me through my wicked teen years [ not wicked cool but wicked witch-like ]. Thank you for laying in my bed and listening to my rants; thank you for being my favorite lunch and dinner date.


I want you to know that things are going to be hard sometimes. You’ll get so overwhelmed that it might get hard to breathe, but I promise if you get up and walk away from whatever it is for a little bit, that when you come back, you can conquer it. I know you can conquer it because you’re my little sister, and you can do anything you put your mind to. [ Plus, I’m always just a phone call away to help. ] People are going to break your heart and be mean to you. It is going to suck so bad. But it’s a lesson to learn from. It’ll show you how strong you are. It’ll show you how great your friends are, or aren’t, by who comes to stand by you during tough times. And on the other hand, you’re going to find people who are kind and caring and treat you with the respect you deserve to be treated with. Try not to lose those people, because they’ll help you keep perspective. Your hometown friends might become the friends that you see once a year, or maybe even never again. And that is OK. It happens. People grow up and change, don’t hate them for not reaching out to you. It was time to move on from each other, don’t be upset about it. Remember your good times and smile when you think of them. I promise you Mom and Dad just want the best for you, it seems like hell now but you’ll thank them later; I know I did. They are going to drive you crazy, and the rules are going to seem absurd and annoying. But I promise you they mean well. Tell them you love them every chance you get. Eat dinner with them as much as possible, and let them embarrass you in public, because when you move out, you’re going to miss them, I swear.


Know that you are one of the bravest people I know. You stand up for what you believe in. You fight the fight that not many will. You stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves. You love with your whole heart. You are one of the kindest, most loving, strongest, stubbornest [ right after Dad, of course and a little bit, Mom ] people I know. I am always in awe of you. The way my kids look up to you. Their Uncle Bryn. They miss you the moment you leave. You’re a definite yes in their books. You are loved more than anything in this world. Our parents love you. Our family loves you. But most of all, I love you. You are my forever friend. You are my inspiration to do well in the world. I want to show you that achieving your dream is possible. You may be my little sister, but I look up to you. You inspire me. You make me believe in myself. You encourage me to follow my dreams and to fight my own fights. You teach me about myself [ and about fashion, thanks for your clothes ]. You are my role model.


Lastly, thank you for being my person always. If I want to cry, you’re there. If I want to call you and complain about life, you’re there. If I want to smile, you’re there. So little sister, thank you. Because whether you realize it or not, you are and always will be one of the biggest parts of my life and I can never say thank you enough. I am your biggest fan. Yes you are a pain in the ass, but you are my little sister, I love you with my whole heart. Learn from my mistakes. Continue to fight for the good things in this world. Don’t grow up too quickly, and continue to be true to yourself. Gran would be so proud of her itty bitty.
I’ll always be on your side. Pinky promise.


Never let anybody dull your sparkle.

Love always,

Your Big Sister!

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