there is no versus; its balance.

My bed is NOT made every day, there are honestly piles of laundry everywhere, clean and dirty, [ please help me celebrate my CLEAN laundry ], dusting? What is that even? The dust collects on shelves in my house, and I really don’t even notice it until I have another million things on the go, or our company is on their way for the weekend. My windows are blurry; from wet dog noses and Lennox licking them [ legit, the child is weird ], from messy everything and child hands. Our bed sheets are worse for wear; our kids have slept with me since they were born basically, breast milk then, urine, tears and child slobber everywhere now. Sometimes when your child pees in the bed; you gotta swallow your tired mom pride, throw a towel down and go back to sleep. [ you don’t want to wake a sleeping child; trust me, it already took overly long to get them asleep ] You may find yourself with your children who aren’t sleeping through the night every night and you are to the point that you don’t care that you are sleeping in tear soaked sheets and slobber from how many days ago, you are tired. [ and for everyone’s sanity the next day, mommy needs sleep! ]

I have my own art company, I created them myself and their canvas is my walls [ even when they are told countless times NO ], my mirrors, basically everywhere they shouldn’t have colored, is colored. The play room is a toy mine field, toys everywhere because every time I go out of my way to clean said mine field up, the kids are there right behind me dumping all them out of every bin again; just for the thrill of dumping them out! Nine times out of ten I have a sink full of dishes, lets be real it doesn’t just happen with the snap of your fingers like most think. Maybe the dishes are sitting there from after supper because your husband is actually home from work at a decent time and there only one golden hour of family time before the kids are tucked into bed and your husband must start preparing for the next work day, so you put off dishes. It happens.


Deep cleaning doesn’t always happen; let alone weekly cleaning such as the oven, fridge, baseboards, etc., and when it does it turns into a house warfare [ one thing leads to seven other projects ]. There are always things you want to change, do or renovate. There is a never ending to do list. Some of these tasks have been accomplished daily, but the minute you turn your back; you can’t even tell and some of these tasks have not been tackled in a while. Some people sit back and judge [ let them, they don’t need to visit again ]; I know it takes just a couple minutes out of my day to organize something. Trust me, I know it is so. [ I am not trying to put a clean house against interaction with my kids, I believe in and value both. ]

As I usually make my house cleaning [ to do ] list, the other day this thought struck me. We are all expected to put our best foot forward and are most comfortable posting our highlight reel for the people to see on social media [ to see what we can accomplish, it can be a clean house or a washed mirror ] whether that is that day or just an accomplishment in general. In reality, I could have waited 24 hours to post the picture of my kids playing with their clean playroom, where everything is freshly cleaned and looking great [ laundry Is folded, shelves are dusted, sparkling counters, bed sheets and laundry put away off the floor from the piles of clean laundry. ] But instead I shared it within the moment of its happening. Certainly, people who understand the struggles would find no fault with that but many find fault with it, and will always share their opinion. I don’t do that for one reason. REALITY. Reality speaking that my house isn’t exactly clean or spotless, my kids play hard everyday [ toys everywhere, the dog drags a lot around too ]. I share videos of my children in the split of the second it is happening, and sometimes, my house is NOT tidy. [ and for that I have no shame ]


A little reminder for today and everyday that it is the same to be true for the needs of the little people we have created and added to our lives. I often end up thinking that I don’t have the time right that second, but it only takes a few minutes here and there. Simple, right? But my few minutes here are spent cuddling my fussy toddler who needs his mother right then and there. My few minutes there are singing the ABC’s for the fifteenth time in a row in a duet with my four-year-old. 5 minutes here, to read Franklin for 10 minutes even when we start over twice. 3 minutes there, engaging in some imaginative playing with both my kids. [ Remember; I am NOT trying to put a clean house against interaction with kids ] Whatever projects you are trying to pull off that take your time and attention, don’t forget to make time for the people around you, those are the moments that last forever. Sometimes balance is absolutely possible, even though they often do seem like they are always in opposition to one another.

Here is my thought process of this; I know it only takes a few minutes here and there to wipe a mirror or dust a nightstand but I am making things a priority as I go. I am also going to deep clean other aspects of my house when I get around to it; sweep and vacuum the entire house, pick up the living room, and clean out the fridge. Nothing is going to stop me from accomplishing my to do list. [ Nap time is non-existent anymore ] But there is a time and place for most things and not everything ever goes as planned and your world WILL NOT stop if there is some dust somewhere.


My drive and what I am trying to convey us that I can break down the household tasks into manageable increments with a few minutes here doing this and a few minutes there doing that. Making it easier in the end when everything piles up. But when it comes down to spending quality time with my kids, its really the same thing. It is a few minutes here and a few minutes there. The point is not kid over cleaning or vise versa. The point is that my heart’s goal is to devote undivided time and attention to my kids, while maintaining a livable home. To make memories together; each and every day; no matter what else I have on my plate at that time. It is all too easy for me to want to turn the TV on and continue my to do list at that time while they are brainwashed by Paw Patrol. I can’t let it replace pausing for moments here and there, giving my kids some mothering love, playing, teaching and engaging interaction with them. It doesn’t need to be a day trip to the zoo for some quality time. I find it super important to be focusing and interacting on the little precious moments that I am given everyday with my kids.

A few minutes here and a few minutes there investing into our littles lives and hearts. Find your balance.

Books get read, snuggles are given and kids are happy, so we live happily ever after.


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