stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my life, it’s to fight. Fight for what’s right while being reasonable. Fight for what you believe in, what’s important to you; with consideration. But most importantly, fight for the ones you love, and never forget to tell how much they mean to you while they’re still alive. [ trust me, this is the hardest lesson I have learned yet. ] And when I say fight, I don’t mean go and punch everyone in the face who disagrees with you; because that defeats the purpose of everything I am about to say. [ yes, this is directed at a select few people! ] When you fight for what you believe in, you come across a lot of obstacles. But none of it is intentional, it all comes naturally with the process of our lives; especially when we stand up for what we believe in. As we go along our own path, we will find people that don’t agree with us, who don’t have the same beliefs or just choose to be opposites because they hate everything and want to argue for no reason. [ *eyeroll* ] There will always be people who don’t agree with you, people who agree with you but only with some aspects, people who delight themselves in ripping you down, people who are threatened by the strength of your belief.

We are all different. For the most part, each one of us have our OWN opinions and personal beliefs. It is our beliefs that make us who we are and separates us from the rest of the people in this world. Yet, all too often we step aside when we know we shouldn’t; but should fight for what we believe in. We fear judgment. Why do we do it? Maybe it is because we don’t want to disagree, choosing to compromise with other beliefs rather than figure out a way to keep our respectable integrity and do things we think are honorable and right. If you ever come into a situation where you can choose to fight for what you believe in or to fall into the mix and become just another follower of the status quo; FIGHT! You won’t regret it. The biggest obstacle to overcome is the hurdle of yourself.

Courage is an asset you are going to need to obtain if you ever want to change the world or stand out from the crowd. By having your own opinions and beliefs it shows that as an individual, you are confident, and you’re not afraid to stand out. There are many reasons to stand up for your beliefs. You can learn a lot about yourself and the people around you, it can become a very attractive quality in a human being, you can be perceived as a strong individual. It takes a great amount of courage to stand up for yourself and your beliefs; especially when it isn’t a very popular perception to begin with. People only hear the loudest voices in the room, most people won’t stand up for their values, because, well, fear of others. Origination comes from people who aren’t afraid to think for themselves and to stand up for what they believe in. Standing up for an idea can be utterly terrifying, it may become an uphill battle but who’s to says its not a winnable one?

Disclaimer: While it is good to defend your ideas, you should also be able to stand back and realize when you are in the wrong. To be able to consider other opinions and allow other people to speak their minds and share their thoughts. You should be able to change your opinions; if needed, when offered new information; otherwise you’re not being a free thinker, you are just being arrogant. You don’t need to obey somebody else’s opinion before your own but you sometimes have to consider new information and make your own decisions with it; think for yourself, with the consideration of other views.

We may decide to conform to other people’s beliefs because we want strangers to like us. [ what a world we live in ] We don’t want there to be friction between us and the people around us. But by standing up for what you believe in and being yourself during the whole match it can become a very attractive quality and people will like you for leading with courage. When you confidently stand up for what you believe in you become more effective to the people around you. You become admired and looked at with respect. Nobody wants to be associated with someone who is an airhead or who has no spine, and when they stand up for their opinions it bashes everyone else instead. It makes you look stronger by taking a stand for what you believe in with a positive outlook, you are inevitably building up courage in yourself. Everyone is willing to learn when you give them a chance, coming off strong starts the ruthless arguments. This is all an important skill that you need in life and if you don’t acquire it, your options ultimately are limited.

Most people won’t stand up for their beliefs, they don’t want to make any noise or stir the pot. They will wait for someone else to lead the charge and rally behind them, quietly. Hiding their individuality. Most people end up being followers, they don’t want to appear as being different or wrong. Opening up can expose new interpretations and views; you can learn something new by expressing your belief and hearing others. You can learn a lot about yourself and those around you. You can learn what kind of person you are and how you handle stressful situations. Not every element you are thrown into becomes stressful, but it can get heated when you and another disagree with each other’s personal beliefs and values; you may be level headed but it can spark them to direct it with anger. You may also learn new information that can sway your opinion on a topic when you were least expecting it.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and a lot of times people are not impressed when they are wrong. It may be that beliefs are based off false information and the only way to figure that out is to challenge someone with the opposite point of view and figure out where they are drawing their conclusions too. On the other hand, it may be that you are right the whole time and you learn new evidence that backs up your claim. Choose your arguments wisely. We always see ‘big leagues’ who talk big and want to change the world but once they are given the chance they are constantly compromising and giving up their own beliefs to satisfy others. When backing down from your beliefs, it makes you weak and shows everyone that you can be swayed away from what you believe. You begin to transform what you believe to what others want you to believe.

Therefore, if you want to defend your opinion you are going to have to be the one that does it. There is no use waiting for someone else to speak up, they are probably waiting for you to make the first move. People like to follow but don’t want to be the first in line. When you remain quiet your opinions and beliefs are not being considered and you are probably conforming what you want to be heard, avoiding using your own words and ways. Your facts will not be noted and the thoughts that run through your mind are pointless, if you don’t SPEAK UP. When you choose to speak up, you may influence somebody else; answer those silent questions they had, or complete their missing puzzle pieces. They may see where you are coming from, agree and join your ‘side’. And having someone on your side and to choose your values along side you, gives you that much more power to proceed with confidence and strength. Lead with confidence, people will follow. [ In everything you will always have your own opinions, defend them. ]


A human being who doesn’t imitate what the rest of the world is doing and stands up for their own beliefs is going to go far in this world, they are the ones that have shaped the planet in the past and they are the ones that will determine the future.



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