Hello friends! I am Sadie Rose Marie. [ Sade, Sadedawg, Mom, or just Sadie ; you decide ] I am a quirky twenty-four year old teenager! I am a mother and a wife. No travels or fun vacations, but my life experiences have been great, so I thought it is time I finally share through what I do best, writing. [ typing ]. I am short and full of attitude; gotta have that balance. I am overly opinionated, slightly feminist and a Pinterest addict. I have the cutest little family ; two BOYS, a dog , two cats and a weirdo of a husband. Perfect little bunch if I do say so myself. I have lived life in the fast lane right out of high school and now that all of that is somewhat slowed down ; here we are. ( I am new here, so please bare with me )

I have decided to use this little internet space to expand my experience with life a little bit more publicly. Other than Facebook and Instagram, of course. Do I know what I am doing? Nope. Do I have good intentions? Absolutely. I have lots to share and write about; my daily life, kids, past experiences, personal experiences and more. A real life, real people blog.

I love to help people. When I care, I care A LOT. I sweat the small things daily. I am understanding and stubborn, and being inquisitive and creative is both a blessing and a curse. If I have my mind set to something, I give it my all until I succeed or get to where I am happy with it. Follow along for all my craziness my life seems to surprise me with. Buckle up and here we go!