New Blog, who ‘dis?

Well here we go. Lets get acquainted. 

A little introduction. Who am I? I am Sadie. Nothing special, just someone who felt they had the need to write, family and friend influenced. I use writing to express myself, with EVERYTHING; death, birthday’s and other holidays, just because messages to people who are so dear to me, anything ; a lot of my friends and family have received some type of letter from me. Its how I deal with my emotions, the good, the bad and the ugly. So instead of closed quarters [ private social media and my brain ], I decided to expose myself in my own blog. I have no professional writing skills, no secondary schooling or computer/technical abilities ; I am literally a normal everyday person with reason to write and desire to share.


I am a peculiar twenty-four year old, stay at home mother; of two dependent ‘little’ toddler boys, Lachlan Jeremiah (4) & Lennox Andrew. (2.5) [ oh, how they have made time fly by ]. As a little girl, I always remember when I was growing up and being asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. You’d hear answers from other kids of fire fighters, policemen, princesses, doctors and astronauts. Me? I wanted to be a mother. I don’t ever recall having a different answer. Who even knew then if I was able to have kids but I did know I was going to be a mother, one way or another. I practiced swaddling, diaper changes, feeding, everything you needed to know about being a parent. I was prepared, I had 19 years of training on dolls, my younger siblings, animals, anything I could swaddle or change… or so I thought. Fast forward to June 3, 2013, the day I had dreamt of. I became a mother. A REAL [?!?!] mother, my dream, to the most beautiful baby boy. [ shout out to my birth partner, my husband Connor ] Hardships aside, it was everything I had ever imagined. Becoming a mother came so natural to me, not all my doll training paid off but I felt like I had a good handle on things, he seemed so fragile. [ all 8lbs 15oz of him ] At times I was at a loss but hands down my life was made for me with a tiny little human who was mine forever! Eighteen months later AGAIN, another beautiful baby boy, [ Ripper curse ] he was even more beautiful [ 8lbs 13oz of ‘tiny’ human]. My heart has never exploded with more love. Broc and Benny as we tend to call them are the greatest decisions of my life. They gave me a greater purpose on this giant globe. They are my reason. [ This isn’t the last you’ll hear of them, there will be much more to come. ]

My kids are my life but also, I am an avid Disney lover, Pinterest addicted adult teenager. [ No shame what so ever ]. I am the typical meme that states my whole life turns into a Pinterest project. I drink from mason jars and I spend $100 trying to make something, when I could buy it for 25$ at Wal Mart. [ Guilty ]. As for Disney, that’s what my movie watching consists of, all of it. [ Never have seen Star Wars ] Harry Potter scares me, anything older than 2000 doesn’t spark my interest if its not Disney and anything I have to pay attention to, to understand the plot, count me OUT! Oh and I also have the most handsome dog, Kylo and the bitchiest cats, [ Ellie & Rosie ] they complete me.

I have OCD, anxiety and depression. I sweat the small things. But none of this defines me. I have bad days, I have good days. Bottom line, I am human. But that is why we are here. OCD has made me creative and determined. Anxiety has made me persistent and thorough. Depression has made me analytical and emotional. I strive everyday to be the best I can be. Some days are harder than others, certain circumstances make things a bit more challenging. Mental illnesses do not defy a person. I want my experiences to show someone else that they are not alone in this. Good or bad. I am here on this blog for others just as much as I am here for myself. Hello World!



I have some pretty stupendous people in my life. Near, far, friends, family. SO MUCH LOVE. I have crossed paths with people, left an abundance of people behind, made incredible connections with people and married into a bad ass family. I am so fortunate and so grateful. Family is my everything, friends are the greatest network in my life. I tend to be super difficult to handle and understand but these people stick through me. And ultimately are the reason I am sitting here writing today!

Experiences in my life have made me who I am. Some of those experiences a little worse than others, some of them are the best moments of my life. That is what we are here for, and this is what my purpose/vision for this is. I am not perfect, nor will I ever be but I will be vulnerable, I will be raw. I won’t hold back. I want to help someone, even if it is just one person. I am here to share me. And this is my story.


You’re Welcome…